Zagare 100% Italiano 700ml - Clemente

AED. 150.00
Gluten Free

100% Italian cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil which takes its name from the white flowers that embellish the citrus groves of the Gargano. It tells of the Apulian limestone land from which it comes: olives carefully selected at the right level of ripeness, pressed before they lose the memory of the sea breeze, the generous touch of the sun. To maintain its authenticity it is deliberately unfiltered. Its bouquet of flavors refers to the simplicity of a tradition that has been renewed for generations with each olive oil campaign: an intense character, with an almond aftertaste, thanks to the prevalence of Ogliarola Garganica. Fragrant and harmoniously fruity, it has a good persistence of taste that embraces the dishes without ever prevailing or overloading. The low acidity and its elegant taste make it the undisputed prince of the table.