Tuna Fillets in Organic EVO 190g - Asdomar

AED. 50.00

These Asdomar tuna fillets, of the Yellow-fin type (Thunnus albacares), are produced entirely in Italy, where the processing of tuna Yellow fin, with a rosy color, with its typical and delicate taste, is traditional. From whole tuna to jar, with passion, craftsmanship and the most advanced technology. Asdomar fillets are compact and at the same time, exquisitely tender. With Organic extra virgin olive oil (EVO).

For a quick and tasty lunch, for a fresh and rich salad, to prepare sandwiches to take to the park or to work, for sandwiches at a party, to win over dinners with mouth-watering pasta, you can certainly count on the goodness and on the quality of Asdomar tuna in organic olive oil.