Healthy Plant-Based Food Combinations You Should Look Into

Healthy Plant-Based Food Combinations You Should Look Into

Nov 22, 2022Euromercato UAE

There’s beauty out there in nature—and of course, there’s also beauty in a food combination! We’re talking about mixing and matching edible reds, greens, whites, etc. But in this one, we’re going to be looking into healthy and organic mixes that can make your food experience effective and enjoyable.

There’s always a mix-and-match strategy for a meal if you want to go by the seasons and where you live. But it really all depends on what you need first and then what you like. When you’re dealing with food in a warm climate, you might want to check out something from the cold or frozen. Of course, fresh is the best.

But Why Combine Food?

It’s really simple: there’s variety and it’s economic. When making your diet, you will want to make sure that your food combination includes a good amount of nutrients. Vitamin C, minerals, B12, manganese, potassium, etc. You will want to construct a meal that’s just enough for your stomach and just right for your body.

Let’s get into some food combinations you might want to check out.

Match Greens with Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and can help reduce the risks of heart disease. They are a source of the antioxidant lycopene, which can improve your circulatory system and also reduce the risk of cancer.

You can put tomatoes almost anywhere. People put them in pizzas, pasta, and salads. They’re processed into sauces and mixed with spices. If you need something to sweeten your meal, there are tomatoes.

When it comes to salads, tomatoes go best with greens like cabbage, lettuce, and cucumber. They go well with eggplant and ginger. You can also add some lime if you want something fruity.

Any green leafy vegetable goes well with tomatoes.

Lemon, Honey, and Green Tea

Here’s a fresh beverage combo you might want to try out during the warm weather.

There’s a way to sweeten green tea and that’s through honey. Consider adding 1 teaspoon of honey to your green tea and see if the taste changes. On the side, if you want something fresh to add in, consider taking lemon.

Lemons are high in vitamin C and fiber. They can help you regulate your weight, protect against anemia, and also prevent kidney stones (in effect, taking care of your digestive health).

Honey is rich in antioxidants and also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can assist you in dealing with digestive issues.

Green Tea has the potential to help regulate your weight loss, prevent cancer, alleviate inflammations, and lower cholesterol.

Garlic, Onion, and Brown Rice or Pasta

Perhaps you’re looking for some variety in your pasta or rice meal? Then throwing in Garlic and Onion should do the trick. You can have this food combination on the side of your meal or as the whole organic course.

Garlic is known for boosting your body’s immune system, improving athletic performance, reducing high blood pressure, and even improving brain activity. Onion has antioxidants and compounds that are just enough to help reduce cholesterol levels, fight inflammation, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Their anti-inflammatory properties help with protecting against unnatural blood clots, too.

There are many different kinds of rice, but if you’re looking for a healthy option, consider Brown Rice. This kind of rice is highly nutritious and less processed than white rice. Because it’s whole grain, it preserves nutrients lacking in white rice such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Mushroom and Broccoli

This is another healthy combo that you might want to consider.

The edible mushroom can be rich in nutrients and help assist the body in three ways: reduction of blood pressure, weight loss management, and boosting the immune system. Make sure to check first what kind or kinds of mushrooms you plan to add to your diet.

With broccoli, it’s guaranteed that you’re going to get a super nutrient-rich mix. Broccoli is known for helping improve your blood sugar control, promoting your heart, and even reducing inflammation. It’s rich in vitamin C, K1, potassium, and iron. You can have it eaten fresh, cooked, or steamed.

Apples and Walnuts

Perhaps you might want to add an apple to your diet. It’s simple to take: you can bite straight into it with walnuts on the side.

Apples are naturally rich in antioxidants, which means they can help a lot in treating diabetes, improving your heart health, and brain health, and even helping out your gut. You can’t go wrong about their benefits.

Walnuts are some food that you might want to consider pairing with apples to add some crunch. They’re polyunsaturated fats which are healthier options than saturated ones. Walnuts are rich in omega-3-fatty acids and help reduce cholesterol.

Banana and Bread

Lastly, try both banana and bread. There’s a reason they’re also baked together to form banana bread!

Try whole-wheat bread which is packed with nutrients such as iron, folate, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B. They’re easy to digest and promote overall healthy digestion, can improve your heart health, and also help lower the risk of stroke.

We know bananas to be rich in nutrients, particularly potassium which helps regulate the heartbeat, is used in protein synthesis and metabolism and helps make sure your nerves are working properly. Bananas can help out in making your digestive system healthier, weight loss, improving your blood sugar levels, and improving insulin sensitivity.

That wraps it up! Thanks for reading. We hope you have found the healthy food combination just right for you! If you’re interested in adding something more healthy to your diet, do consider looking into this article about the Vegan Diet.

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