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EUROMERCATO is a modern, sustainably managed company that follows the best level of excellence to meet the highest standards of gourmet food. At Euromercato, we provide only the high-grade quality of European food with a wide range of premium brands through partnerships across European countries.

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Delivery is fast, secure, and hassle-free with us.

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Pay with a credit card or cash on delivery for convenient payment options.

Values & Morals

As a community, Euromercato believes in sustainability and bringing joy to customers and backhand producers.


We maintain full disclosure of our customer’s details and protect their personal information.

Organic & Healthy Range

We are all natural and organic. Wide choices for sugar free, gluten free and lactose free products along with Vegan variants.


At Euromercato, grocery shopping in Dubai and across the UAE is now more fun with great value deals and weekly discounts. High quality produce at competitive price.

Our Healthy Selections

Made from ingredients grown and processed without chemical fertilizers.
Excludes any foods or ingredients that contain gluten
Food products that meet the standards of the ketogenic diet, or keto-friendly food
Lactose-free products include milk without lactose
Products not containing sugar or containing an artificial sweetening substance instead of sugar, sugar-free gum
Does not contain animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients

Our Brands

Delight in the traditional flavors of authentic European culture.


What our customers say
Ghassem SoltaniNovember 18, 2022

I love their products and it is highly recommended if you're looking for some authentic italian ingredients where u cannot find anywhere else, to be delivered to your doorstep asap!

Nerissa AmsonJuly 19, 2022

If you are into natural, organic and healthy foods. I would recommend Euromercato products and I can say that it’s worth buying. Try it!

Rikka FabrosJanuary 19, 2022

It’s reaaaally good, definitely worth the price. Easy to order and great service! I have enjoyed my first order and will definitely order again soon.

Carielle CatajayJanuary 19, 2022

Not really a fan of ginger and even immunity boosters before but this one’s really different from others I’ve tried! This is soooo delicious and I wish I could take more than 1 bottle! :))) This is the kind of immunity booster that we need for us to have a strong immune system and to help us fight any kinds of diseases! I’m already on my third purchase and I swear this is worth every penny!

Paul TuvillaJanuary 20, 2022

I don’t really exert effort to post reviews on products I purchase but Ginger Up’s THAT good so I just have to leave a review with 5 stars. Your website’s very user-friendly too and I didn’t have a hard time ordering. Will order more soon so I don’t run out of supplies. Thanks and keep it up!

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