What Goes Well with Panettone?

What Goes Well with Panettone?

Nov 23, 2022Euromercato UAE

Panettone is a sweet loaf halfway between bread, brioche, and cake created with an abundance of egg yolks, butter, dried fruit like sultanas, and peel or candied oranges. It is often from sun-baked places like Sicily or Calabria, where citrus grows abundantly. Panettone, like sourdough, is proofed for hours. The dough is risen three times resulting in a beautiful light, fluffy finish.

It’s not always clear how to eat your lovely loaf once you’ve got it. Panettone is traditionally served with coffee for breakfast in Italy, but it can be served in a variety of ways. So, to take your panettone eating experience to the next level, here is a list of what you can pair with your panettone.


What is the most traditional panettone pairing? This cake is typically served with a cappuccino for breakfast or an espresso for dessert in the afternoon in Italy. Try espresso coffee with dark chocolate or tea with honey for a sweet break. Many Italians eat leftovers for breakfast by warming them and dipping them in milk. You can also try crema al caffé, for example, which is an Italian specialty spread (coffee cream).


This is where the classic tear and dip method comes in, and it is a more traditional and low-effort method; it’s a little messier, but the mess is worth it.

Instead of slicing it, tear lengthy pieces right off the main body of the loaf and dip them into a glass of milk.

Another way that Italians love panettone is as a wonderful milky dessert. Simply unwrap your panettone and place it on a plate. Have a glass and then tear off pieces of panettone to put in it. Fill the glass with whole milk, then eat it with a dessert spoon. Voila, now you have a milk-soaked glass of panettone.


Another tear and drip method comes into this pair. Italian hot chocolate isn’t your typical cup of cocoa. It is made with double cream, melted chocolate, sugar, and milk, and it’s the epitome of “indulgence.” Top your hot chocolate with whipped cream to have that rich and creamy soothing feeling. This combination is a perfect treat before bedtime or during the cold weather.


Toast your panettone and slather it with butter and maybe even add sugar to it. That way, you’ll get a classic sweet treat. If you’re feeling a little festive, toast it, add butter, drizzle it with Acacia honey and have a delicious snack at any time of the day.


Warm panettone with stewed fruit, such as poached pears in saffron, is a terrific alternative for an Italian-inspired dinner party. Spiced stewed apples with cloves and cinnamon, may even some basic jam. Don’t forget to serve with a scoop of vanilla mascarpone or whipped cream on top!


Panettone with ice cream is a year-round must-have: it’s a light and refreshing dessert or snack in the summer.

For a perfect panettone and ice cream pairing, you cut two slices of panettone and just fill them with ice cream. We recommend vanilla ice cream because it is delicate and won’t conceal all candied and bread flavors.


In this combination, combine fresh mascarpone cheese, eggs, and sugar, then serve with a few slices of your favorite panettone. For a stunning appearance, you can add fresh berries.


Spread a jar of your favorite chocolate hazelnut over the top of your panettone. Trust us when we say you’ll want to keep the jar on the table for a while.

If you want a sweet toast, slice the bread and spread it with Nutella (very Italian!) if you want a sweet toast.

Serve it with milk, and you do the tear and dip method. You can also add whipped cream and crushed biscuits for that pastry-like effect.


Toast a few pieces of panettone and serve with a knob of butter and a tablespoon of orange marmalade for a lighter paring or holiday brunch. The marmalade’s flavors complement the panettone’s citrus zest and candied orange.

Now that you know some wonderful panettone combinations, why not have a panettone snack by ordering some at Euromercato’s grocery? 

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