EVOO Italiano Sipium 500ml - Clemente

AED. 80.00

Clemente Sipium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml. Apulia, Italy.

What do we know about the Clemente company?

The Clemente company has been active for more than 120 years in the production of high quality olives and oils exclusively from their olive groves in the Gargano National Park in the southern Italian region of Puglia. With the highest attention to quality control and traceability of their products, they make sure to market a product with excellent qualities and the authentic taste of Italian Mediterranean gastronomy.

What are the characteristics of Clemente Sipium Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

This type of oil has a sober and sweet taste, suitable for all types of palates with easy digestion and absorption. It succeeds in satisfying the taste and sensitivity of consumers.

Which dishes should be seasoned with Clemente Sipium Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

It is ideal for giving a rich flavour and intense colour to all kinds of simple and elaborate food.

In addition, it can be used in the preparation of various dishes, including:

- Fish;

- Meat;

- Pasta and rice.