Mental Health: Awareness and Tips to Managing Well-Being

Mental Health: Awareness and Tips to Managing Well-Being

Nov 22, 2022Euromercato UAE

Mental health is one of the crucial pillars in today’s society. Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean just consuming healthier food, it also means taking care of your thoughts. Having a healthy mindset means that there’s tremendous potential to be happier with your loved ones or be more productive at your job.

According to a study on mental health by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, one of the most common health problems that can impact around 4-5% of the population is depression associated with anxiety. Neuropsychiatric disorders, such as the common seizure, migraine, or cognitive deficit disorders, are assessed to contribute to about 19.9% of the burden of disease in the United Arab Emirates.

Things can become challenging as the seasons go by. In the month of May, let us observe Mental Health Awareness month. Look after each other, and make sure that everyone’s in their best mindset.

There are a couple of ways that you can effectively take care of your mental health. Let’s go over them!

Take a Mental Health Break

There’s a lot of pressure involved in trying to make the best of yourself. But sometimes it has to be asked, “Am I overdoing it?” Pushing yourself hard can be detrimental to your health and lead to burnout.

Burnout takes away your motivation and power to keep going when you’re in the face of odds. It isn’t just found in your job, but it spills also into your home and social life. If you start feeling more overwhelmed, anxious, or tired due to constantly hitting demands or long hours of labor, then you might have to consider sitting down and taking a break.

Never forget about taking breaks. There are a lot of ways to do it:

  1. Engage in your favorite hobbies.
  2. Go out somewhere, walk at your local park.
  3. Watch a show, read a book, or take a nap.
  4. Socialize with friends

Look After Your Physical Health

Taking care of your overall mental health means taking care of your mental and physical health. Don’t ignore your body, take good care of it!

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to boost your mental health. Look for foods that have plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon contains large amounts of these and omega-3 fatty acids are linked to the reduction of mental disorders like depression. Another source of omega-3 you can try nuts like cashew. Cashew nuts can supply your brain with magnesium which helps regulate the release of stress hormones.

For some cold or sweet choices, Yogurt has probiotics that play a role in reducing stress and anxiety. Not only do they make you feel better, but they also make it easier for you to digest! Another would be dark chocolate, which helps stimulate your brain with energy and has flavonoids that help fight cognitive decline.

Lastly, make sure to drink enough for the day. Stay hydrated always, get enough sleep, and eat enough meals when you can! Do also exercise. Something as simple enough as walking can actually help you feel better!

Try Taking Some Tea

On top of food, you might want to try taking some tea to give yourself a mental break. Tea has a lot of benefits that can keep your body and mind fit! It’s no surprise that it has been used since ancient times as a remedy to various problems.

Tea can make you feel calm and relaxed. It’s just what you need when you have to stay away from something serious first. Or, it can even give you the energy to work on something. To boost your tea-drinking experience, do set the mood for it; drink tea in a quiet environment or somewhere near plants.

Try Being Near Plants

Speaking of plants, they can actually help you reduce stress! A 2007 study suggests that bacteria in plant soil can trigger the release of serotonin. Helpful for raising the mood. Plants also boost air quality around the house.

To add, they help add contrast to the artificial or industrial-like atmosphere in a room. It’s why a lot of people like to have indoor plants; not only do plants help make them happier, it also keeps their mind fresh.

Share Your Thoughts to Someone

It can help a lot if you’ve got someone to talk to. No man is an island. If you have a problem, try talking about it to someone you can trust. Talking about your thoughts and feelings can be cathartic; they’ll help release the pressure that builds up when a problem keeps returning to your mind.

You can ask for helpful advice from them if you’re tackling a problem you’re not too familiar with. Know your support system. You can also try talking to strangers; just make sure they’re someone you can trust.

Talking to a therapist can help a ton if you’re aware that you’re dealing with any deeper mental problems. Medical conditions cannot simply be solved on your own; make sure to consult a professional if you’re dealing with something serious.

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